Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've noticed the last couple of weeks that spring is trying to come. Both Katie & I want spring more than anything...we need to get outside. Last week we tried but "things" just wouldn't work for us. I was able to walk around & look at my gardens, the roses are just about ready to be trimmed for summer, YEA!!!! My compost is in real need of turning (will have to wait for a bit warmer day). Plus Jerry is wanting to rebuild them.
Yet just this AM I have been watching the light snow flurries come & go.


Maybe yelling it will help it arrive sooner...LOL


  1. Yeah, it snowed down here too. The crocuses in one row are up. But no sun, they don't open. The crocus fairies are hiding right now. And I don't think the dogwood is going to bloom before March. Hope, hope, hope.

  2. Hey there Stranger...Pat Thrasher here!
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog...it cracks me up most days!! I just can't believe you have 2 little ones and I have 2 old ones! Tiffany graduated from College and is in Nj in her own apartment...Kimberly will graduate from the same college as Tif this May! We are so done woth college tuition...WooHoo!!
    Here in Texas the weather was very Spring like this week...we were up to 78*...today is chillier and will only be 57* but the sun is shining so who am I to complain!!