Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I've noticed the last couple of weeks that spring is trying to come. Both Katie & I want spring more than anything...we need to get outside. Last week we tried but "things" just wouldn't work for us. I was able to walk around & look at my gardens, the roses are just about ready to be trimmed for summer, YEA!!!! My compost is in real need of turning (will have to wait for a bit warmer day). Plus Jerry is wanting to rebuild them.
Yet just this AM I have been watching the light snow flurries come & go.


Maybe yelling it will help it arrive sooner...LOL

Thursday, February 5, 2009


5:00am...mommy, mommy, mommy. I get up as it is Katie needing mommy, she's awake at 5:00am. I crawl into her bed with her, hoping that would help her go back to sleep, it sort of works until I s l o w l y get up to go back to bed. She stirs and wants to go to our bed, so I pick her up and take her with me. When I get in there Adri is starting to stir and then cry, she's hungry again (that's a 2 month old though). I pick Adri up (it's now 5:34am) and take her to her room to sit in the rocker and feed her. Then at 5:44am we go back to my bed, I put Adri in her craddle and crawl in next to Katie. I try to go back to sleep but I hear Jerry getting ready for work and Adri is not asleep again. Jerry leaves and I PRAY Katie will go back to sleep....no such luck today.

We get up, change the diaper, and start the movie "Finding Nemo". Then I get Adri out of her craddle, get a cup of coffee( even though I have said I'm going to stop drinking so much-1-2 cups every AM), we go and sit in the recline to eat a bit more. She starts getting very fussy so I sit her up to burp and she barfs all over me and herself. So VERY carefully I pick her and the blanket up and go into her room to get cleaned and changed. After she's all cleaned up I have to wipe the chairs down (it still sticks, I'm sitting in it right now). I realize I better get the kitchen cleaned up ASAP.

Katie is still quite and into Nemo so I get started. Then something makes me look to see what she's doing...her PJ's are off, and her diaper. She is also "digging" where she really shouldn't be. I have water running in the sink and rush her off to the changing table to clean her up and get dressed. After a little battle about that I go back into the kitchen to finish the dishes I see the sink overflowing.....CRAP! Lucky Jerry picked a double sink when he said we were going to remodel the kitchen.

I cleaned up the small mess (it could have been a lot worse) and finish my dishes. Adri fell asleep so that helped. Katie's movie is over so I had better change it. Now she's watching Franklin (he's a turtle). Breakfast has been eaten and I had to clean her up a bit, she had milk all the way down the front of her. Well she's not really watching the movie, but I know if I turn it off I'm in for a fight, so "toons" will just have to stay on.

I hear Adri so this post is over for now.