Monday, January 26, 2009

Sick babies

It's 9pm on Monday night, I've had about 2 1/2 hours sleep last night. Katie was up all night with an upset stomach. I ended up changing her bed three times, poor thing was so upset each time it almost broke my heart. Then I had to take Adri in this AM for her 2 month check up and she had to get three shots & one oral med. She threw up the oral completely and cried so hard she was gasping for air & had tears.

By the time Adri & I got home Katie seemed to be doing a bit better (grandma came over to stay with her), but Adri became VERY fussy. That sends Katie into a tail spin again, she ate some of the cheese off my lunch (but thew that up an hour later) which just made her upset all over again. She gets real clingy when she doesn't feel good or Adri is upset.

I HATE seeing either of my girls sick or upset & I had both with all of the previous mentioned. It was a really rough afternoon!!!

I'm feeling the effects of no sleep, emotional drainage, and motherhood put to it's test. So this is a short post; may all of you out there understand it's time for bed in the Duncan Life!

Good night

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Potty Training

Katie & I are starting to potty train. I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I also didn't realize it would be so hard. Two weeks ago she actually did pee in her potty, then nothing. I thought I'd get her pull-ups to help with getting the pants on & off, at that point she didn't want anything to do with potty training. So I let it go, EVERYONE says not to push as that will just make it harder.

Then this afternoon Katie tells me, well says, "pee pee". So I asked her if she wanted to go sit on the potty, she said yes. We went in, pulled the pants down and sat on the potty. Nothing. I let her run around with nothing on the bottom so that if she knew she was going to go she'd use the potty. I kept asking her and we sat on the potty two other times. Then I saw her sitting on the sofa with her sisters burp rag (Belle is only 2months old) rubbing her "who-who". I told her we were going to put the diaper back on, well it was too late! She had just peed on the sofa.

I told her I wasn't mad but if she had to pee-pee she just needed to go sit on the potty. Guess I have to be more diligent when she says she has to go and keep her on the potty a bit longer. I think she's going to get it quickly as soon as she realizes how easy it is. I can only hope!!

Grandma's scrapbook

I'm starting a new scrapbook for my husbands grandmother, she is in her mid 70's and going strong. Grandma, as EVERYONE calls her is the mother of 5, grandmother of 20, and great grandmother to 24. SO.....I am putting together a scrapbook for her & the rest of the family to look at when ever we're together and laugh, remember, and just enjoy.

It has been interesting so far just looking through her old pictures trying to find the right ones for this book. Seeing my husband as a baby (he is the first grandchild) and all the other family members as babies and through the years is fun. I'll be putting the first pages together this weekend, I can hardly wait.

As this book progresses I'll keep you all up to date. Hopefully I'll even have some pics.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Start of the year

Hello friends & family,

I'm now a stay at home mom, GOD has my life changed in the last few years. I'll get to some of that later. Right now I just want to get started so I can keep track of what happens to us.

Jerry & I now have two beautiful girls; Katherine "Katie" almost 2 (in 5 weeks) & now Adrianna "Adri or Belle" (born 11-26-08). They are what has brought me home. Most days it's great, watching them grow & learn. BUT then there are moments when I think do I really want to be here RIGHT now? Take a breathe, then look at them and realize it is worth everything!

More to come in the next few days.